J a r d í n


a botanically themed exhibition of artwork featuring

Alexandria Tarver Amy Lincoln | Bonny Leibowitz | Dan Flanagan | Dana James | Ellen Siebers | Emilia Olsen | Evan Rheel Ryer | Giada CrispielsHidenori Ishii | Janice Nowinski | JJ Manford | Kerry Law | Lauren Collings | Liesl Pfeffer | Nick Wildermuth | Polly Shindler | Riad MiahRyan CobournSusanna Coffey

J A R D Í N, in the simplest sense, is a show of work that reveals the beauty and the delights of the garden and its fruits. It is the garden as a space of desire - a place that is inherently human and at the root of culture. This is not a landscape exhibition, but rather, an examination of the garden motif as a symbol of cultivation. In this sense, it presents art making as parallel: a meditative process of bringing activity to fruition.

The exhibition becomes a garden itself - a curated and cultivated oasis of artwork set against the rapidly transforming industrial landscape where this space for art exists. There is a distinction that separates garden from wilderness: an enclosure or boundary perhaps, but more so, the human hand and effort. The garden is a site of beauty, but, like visual art, is also a site of artifice.


On view 11 December 2015 to 17 January 2016.